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Pilates – Introduction “Contrology 101”

This series of classes is designed for everyone new to Pilates whether you are fit or not! We cover all the history and the fundamentals of The Pilates System,  as well as 12 mat exercises. This is a progressive series of classes, so it is very important not to miss any of the classes.

Pilates – Level 2-3-4 Chair

This series continues into more advanced exercises which challenge the muscles of the body ,  utilizing the Pilates pthe Pilates Chair.

Pilates Level 2-3-4 Reformer Class

Learn the benefits of Reformer work in this small group class (3 people). You will experience how this key piece of Pilates apparatus can support your large muscles so that your  intrinsic muscles grow stronger to support your large muscles, achieving  more uniform development, control and flexibility. A must to get the most out of Pilates!

Pilates – 2-3-4 Pole System Class

This series of classes will introduce you to the exercises performed on the Pole System. Some of the most amazing stabilization and flexibility work is practiced on this apparatus with the use of springs for added support and resistance. The push through and roll down bars will challenge you to use your powerhouse and directly give you alignment feedback.

Yamuna Body Rolling

This class is for everyone! You will learn the lines of your body, and where you may never have known you were tight and constricted! Tendons and myal facial tissue will be released, muscles will be elongated, and you will open up the spaces in your joints. Enhanced circulation and lymphatic drainage will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated


Stretch Therapy

This class begins with some holding poses to develop strength, followed by extremely effective stretches and strength positions, with an emphasis on breathing and relaxing the whole body! The final stretch position is held for 15-45 seconds depending on the size of the muscle being stretched.  You will see dramatic results by taking this class once a week for 12 weeks.


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