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Yamuna Body Rolling


You will learn the lines of your body, and where you may never have known you were tight and constricted! Tendons and myal-facial tissue will be released, muscles will be elongated, and you will open up the spaces in your joints. Enhanced circulation and lymphatic drainage will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

YAMUNA BODY ROLLING™ health, fitness & massage rolled into one!

YAMUNA BODY ROLLING™ is a revolutionary approach to health and fitness using
balls designed exclusively for this practice. It consists of a series of routines using six
to ten-inch balls.

YAMUNA BODY ROLLING™ re-educates muscles and stimulates bone, creating positive, permanent changes in the body. It heals  and prevents injury and is effective on its own or as a compliment to any workout.


* One must maximize length and space of all body parts to optimize functionality.
* As proper space is created, the body’s own intelligence and muscle memory can naturally shift the body into correct alignment.
* Once alignment is achieved, there is almost nothing you cannot correct or improve in your own body.


* Prevents Headaches
* Relieves Lower Back Problems, Back, Neck, And Shoulder Tension
* Relieves Problems Stemming From Repetitive Stress Syndromes
* Increases Energy & Stamina
* Improves Postural Alignment

Physiologically, here’s how it works: Using YBR on your spine, you are stimulating the nerve roots of the spine. Each pair of nerve roots stimulates a specific organ function. Because of this stimulation, internal organs and systems can function better.



People who are serious about their workouts, such as athletes and dancers, seek peak performance. Using YBR helps!

Who want to speed up their time use the ball to work thigh muscles. This way, they can eliminate muscle tension that might be slowing them down.

Can improve their swing and prevent lower back problems by doing YBR back and side routines.

Can prevent repetitive stress injuries in knees, hips, lower back and shoulders by doing YBR leg and back routines.

“Yamuna body rolling Is like giving yourself a deep-tissue massage.
It is the “Aaaah” experience any athlete who is accustomed to sprains,
strains and aches can relate to.”


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