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I have been taking Pilates with Beth for quite some time.  I have been amazed at how much better my body feels after each session. Pilates has made me so much more “body aware,” in terms of my centre and general body strength. Having had four young children in a short period of time I was having huge issues with my hips and lower back.

I have always been a waterskier and enjoyed running but was struggling with pain.  Within the first two months of starting a program with Beth I noticed results.If it were not for Beth and her training, I don’t feel that I would be physically able to continue with waterskiing and running.I can’t say enough about my sessions and how focused Beth has been on assessing and training each of her clients on technique and sharing her love of Pilates with us.Beth’s constant drive to always be at the peak of her training, directly affects her clients in such a postive way. I have come away from my sessions feeling stronger in my core and all over my body. I know that I will stick with Pilates as a life long program!


I have been training with Beth for 4 years, and over this time, she has stressed correct form and breathing and has challenged me with different Pilates equipment in order for me to obtain the most out of my training sessions.

I have been training with Beth for 3 years now and my sessions are always full of variety, challenging and most of all – Fun!!

I have tried various types of exercise programs, but the only one that helps me with my back pain is Yamuna Body Rolling. It helps me release the tension in my myofascial tissue, which has been an issue for a long time. I felt the differance during the very first class! I am really happy that I discovered Yamuna Body Rolling with Beth.

Beth’s knowledge of Pilates has been a great help, and I really enjoy my classes on the Reformer bed. The classes have helped me strengthen my body and improve my muscular imbalances tremendously. I am also thankful for Beth exposing me to Yamuna Body Rolling, as this work has helped heal my rotator cuff injury. I always look forward to training with Beth, as, she makes the sessions fun and diversified!

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Simply Symmetria Pilates Studio
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West Kelowna, BC V4T 3C6
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