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At Simply Symmetria we offer several types of personal wellness programs. We specialize in classical Pilates, from The Pilates Center in Boulder Colorado and our core programs include:

* The Pilates Center Method
* Yamuna Body Rolling
* Stretch Therapy P&F Method
* Cardiovascular Training

Our programs are effective at:

*Relieving Back Pain
* Improving Postural Alignment and Uniform Development
* Preventing Injury
* Improving Bone Quality and Decompression of the Spine and all Joints
* Creating A Longer Leaner Body

VISION | “To teach with the utmost devotion and dedication, encouraging clients to reach their peak fitness and health performance within  healthy, aligned and enlongated body”

MISSION | “better bodies by better training”
At Simply Symmetria we teach our clients the original philosophy of Joseph Pilates, who truely believed that physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. By teaching the fundamentals of the Pilates System into our clients’ bodies we enable  them to enhance and empower their lives through the complete coordination body, mind and spirit.

At Simply Symmetria we utilize Stretch Therapy, Yamuna Body Rolling and Cardiovascular Training to further enhance what our clients learn in The Classical Pilates System.

We believe in teaching within a warm and friendly atmosphere, with respect, integrity
 and safety,  layering the Pilates system into each client, in all levels of development. We will continue to create a fun environment where you feel invigorated
and balanced when you leave.”

ABOUT BETH HYNES | Beth Hynes’s passion for learning and teaching has insatiably continued through the years, and her ambition to be on the cutting-edge of the health and wellness industry has lead her to become an accomplished instructor in several methods. Beth continually strives to be the most innovative and experienced instructor in the Okanagan Valley, and maintains the belief that everyone should have the privilege to live within a healthy, strong, and flexible body, and be able to do all of the things they love for as long as possible.

Beth was introduced to Pilates 14 years ago at a workshop in Kelowna, after sustaining serious soft tissue damage from a MVA. As a group fitness instructor and Personal Trainer since 1988, Beth saw and felt the value of this amazing “system” of movement, and went on to take her Polestar Pilates Mat and Reformer Training. In 2005 she experienced a workshop taught by Amy Alpers, owner of The Pilates Center in Boulder Colorado, and realized there was so much more depth and richness to learn about Pilates, and continued to take workshops and lectures with the staff from The Pilates Center. In 2009 Beth was accepted into The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program, under the instruction of Matilda Christensen owner of Pilates From The Center and Veronica MClurg owner of Surrey Pilates, and graduated in October 2010.

This Graduate School Program is considered “The Harvard of Teacher Training Programs” and requires 950+ hours of internship to graduate.

Along with Classical Pilates, Beth has been a Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner since 2003 and a member of The National Association of Stretch Therapy since 2006. She utilizes all 3 systems to enhance uniform development, decompress the spine and all joints, oxygenate the blood and help bring the body back to true health.

Beth’s infectious passion for teaching and learning has enabled her clients through the years to feel empowered and motivated in a fun and non intimidating environment. She has worked with young competitive athletes to people in their late 70’s with great success.

Beth Hynes, pilates instructor

With over 23 years of experience Beth Hynes is a Graduate of:

* The Pilates Center Teaching Training Program


*Yamuna Body Rolling
* Group Fitness
* ACE Personal Training
* National Association of Stretch Therapy

OUR STUDIO & EQUIPMENT | simply symmetria has brand new state of the art pilates studio reformers by peak pilates. Our equipment ranges from Reformers,  ½ Cadillacs, Springboards, Split Peddle Chairs, Low Chairs Ped-O-Pul, Spine Corrector, Barrels, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector, Magic Circles, Thera-Bands, Foam Rollers and Yamuna Body Rolling equipment.

Pilates Equipment

Simply Symmetria Pilates & Health |West Kelowna, BC

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