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Simply Symmetria Pilates & Health Studio, Kelowna BC

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At our Pilates studio located in beautiful West Kelowna, you will experience a private and relaxed setting, ideal for maximizing your personal wellness programs, either one-on-one, or in small groups with a focused attention to detail.

Why Choose Our Studio?

Simply Symmetria Pilates & Health is the premier choice for private personal training and group classes in kelowna. We help you strengthen your core, align your spine, and re-connect with your body on a deeper level, both physically and mentally. With a deep understanding of movement and the mind-body connection, we assist you in learning to listen to your body and shift your focus from pain to feeling healthy, energetic, revitalized and centered.


Simply Symmetria Pilates Studio, Kelowna BC

Our Kelowna pilates studio offers classical pilates by The Pilates Center, in Boulder Co. This is the most highly respected, rigorous Pilates teacher training program in the world, requiring 950 + hours of internship!

You have a vision for your body — whether that means a more toned physique, improved strength or an end to chronic pain, we partner with you to help you achieve lasting results. REGISTER TODAY for a complete pilates experience! We also offer competitive prices for training, with monthly payment packages and small class sizes for a personal learning experience.

Simply Symmetria offers the most innovative personal wellness & fitness programs on
the market. These include:

Classical Pilates  Method, Yamuna Body Rolling, Stretch Therapy P&F Method, and 
Cardiovascular Training.

Our programs have a myriad of therapeutic benefits including: relieving compression of the spine and all joints, oxygenating your blood, detoxifying your body, building a healthy immune system and uniform development of the body, stimulating circulation, improving postural alignment, heightening body awareness, and enhancing precise coordination.

Through devotion and dedication our focus is to teach Classical Pilates in it’s truest form-as Joe Pilates intended it to be.

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